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  • Where does the name TICATOVE come from?
    While TICATOVE has worked in the conservation of may animals, turtles are deep in our hearts. Our name comes from the spanish name of the three sea turtles that nest in Vieques. Ti- Tinglar (Leatherback) Ca- Carey (Hawksbill) To Ve- Tortuga Verde (Green)
  • How many turtles nest in Vieques?
    Vieques has over 40 sea turtle nesting beaches. We monitor over 500 nests per season making Vieques a key in the sea turtle conservation efforts in the caribbean.
  • When is the nesting season?
    The main nesting season is February to October. That's when the Leatherbacks and Green Sea Turtles come on shore and lay their eggs. Hawksbil Sea Turtles have been known to nest all year.
  • What can I do to help when having fun at the beach?
    When visiting the beach, please pickup after yourself. Leave the beach better than you found it. If you decide to BBQ some lunch, please use designated areas and do not dump coals in the sand. If you had some fun building castles and digging holes in the sand, please make sure to knock them down. They can get in the way of our turtles and block their path to and from the ocean. If you built your own shelter with palm tree prongs to get some shade, make sure to also knock it down before you leave.
  • What do I do if I see a sea turtle?
    Turtles are really cool to spot, and the waters around Vieques are filled with them. If in the water, please stay at least 15' away, do not touch or hold on to them, and always stay behind them and allow them to swim away. If the turtle is nesting do not approach, please keep your distance. Keep noises to a minimum, and if at night, don't use bright lights or take pictures with flash.
  • How can I help TICATOVE?
    We are working hard to conserve and protect the natural resources in Vieques. If you want to help us in our mission you can volunteer or make a monetary donation. Because TICATOVE is a registered 501(c)(3), certain donations could be tax deductible. Contact us for more information.
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