Snorkeling on the Wildlife Refuge

Enjoy a popular activity on the Vieques Nat'l Wildlife Refuge by following these insider tips!

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Snorkel Safety

  1. Always snorkel with a buddy

  2. Check ocean conditions before you go

  3. Try out your gear to ensure it fits comfortably

  4. Avoid rocky areas and shallow reefs

  5. Look at, but don't touch coral and marine life

Favorite Wildlife Refuge Snorkel Spots

Beach entry name, typical flora & fauna

  • Bahía la Chiva 8 - 12 (close-in reef & west side of Cayo la Chiva): Coral, barracuda, tropical fish

  • Bahía la Chiva 18 - 20: Rays, coral, nurse sharks

  • Playa la Plata: Coral, tropical fish

For other snorkel spots on and off the refuge, see Norm & Deb Pyle's Vieques Beach Map.


What You Might See

Octopus in its Den
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Yellow grunts
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Flamingo snail
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Porcupine fish
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Spotted Eagle Ray
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Sea fans, sea whips and hard corals
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Blue Grasse
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Green Sea Turtle
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Respect turtles, rays, corals and other marine life by keeping distant from them. You will keep yourself and them safe.

Leave sea shells where you see them. They are some creature's current or future home!

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