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Playa Grande Sugar Mill to Beach Road

For those who want to extend their exploration of the Playa Grande Sugar Mill area, try this single track connector leading west from the plantation ruins to the four wheel drive dirt road. Continue south to reach the Vieques Nat'l Wildlife Refuge gravel road which leads east to the Playa Grande Beach. Please note, milage listed below does not include the VNWR gravel road distances.

.2 mile one way on the connector, +.3mi if walking

south on the 4x4 dirt road East trailhead GPS: 18.0955, -65.5203

1 hr. round-trip



Begin at the Playa Grande Sugar Mill parking area. It is an easy, mostly flat walk.

Connector is located on Municipal land. 4x4 dirt trail is located on Para la Naturaleza land. Gravel beach road is on Vieques Nat'l Wildlife Refuge land.

Post text, images and map by Greg Guckenburg

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