Sunbay to Media Luna

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Limestone Cliff Sides

Sunbay to Media Luna Trail Map

Sunbay start point GPS:

18.0939; -65.4539

Sunbay to:

Media Luna .3 miles

Pond .25 miles

Amphitheatre .5 miles

Sunbay to:

Media Luna: 10 min.

Pond: 10 min.

Amphitheatre: 15 min.

Recommend sneakers - rocky and dirt trail.

Beginning of trail is old Jeep trail. Red dirt footpath alternates with wider Jeep path. Brackish pond is often filled with birds.

Trail is located on land managed by the Puerto Rico Dept. of Nat. Resources

Post text, images and map by Greg Guckenburg

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